Swedish Massage

Get your circulation flowing
without increasing your heart rate.

30 Minutes - $35             1 Hour - $65

Therapeutic Massage

Utilizes a variety of techniques, to reduce

stress and relieve muscle tightness and pain.

30 Minutes - $35             1 Hour - $65

Deep Tissue Massage

The focus is on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. Slow and long strokes are applied with elbows and forearms to relieve chronic tension.

30 Minutes - $35             1 Hour - $65

Body Wrap                                         (price listed on skin care page)

About Body Wrap:

Cotton linens are soaked in a toxin cleansing and penetrating aloe-herb solution. The client lounges comfortably in the warm botanical extracts for 45 minutes.

The solution of highly active concentrates tones and tightens surface skin and boosts cellular activity in deeper layers to restore elasticity and firmness to the tissues. Natural aromas benefit the body through molecular osmosis to produce positive therapeutic effects. Most clients sleep while the wrapping encourages elimination of toxins through lymphatic cleansing.

Heat activates the trace elements resulting in healthy revitalized skin. Each treatment cleanses toxins from the fat cells, resulting in size loss wherever the fat is. No chemicals or dehydrating salts or clays are in this solution. The treatment is safe for anyone. No compression is used during application and the client does not perspire.

After the treatment no bath is needed. The skin is soft and clean and the client is refreshed and inches smaller. Many times (an inch off the waist, an inch off the stomach, half-inch off the thighs) this loss is substantial.